About mHealth 24/7

Mobile Health Twenty Four Seven (mHealth 24/7) is a service that helps diabetes patients to monitor their own health in an easy way.

mHealth 24/7 offers the possibility to easily create an overview of health data, in a way that medical specialist can give a careful advice to the patient. Patients can count carbohydrates, insulin and make glucose measurements and record this information through a simple app on a mobile device or PC. Through a portal it is possible, after authorisation by the patient, to share the data with others, such as parents and medical specialists.

Based on the history of the stored data, the service makes it possible to establish a good treatment by the medical specialist or a treatment plan that is already in place, can easily be adjusted.

The medical specialist is assisted by this service and the patient can be even better supported by the medical specialist. In addition, the patient is able to apply better self-care. By trends, charts and comparing data with previous stats, medical specialists, parents and of course the patients themselves, get the best possible analysed overview of their health information.

Hoe werkt mHealth247

The functionality of mHealth 24/7 is a personal service and works on daily collaboration with patients, parents and medical specialists, so that the importance of patient always comes first.

mHealth 24/7 can:

  • Record health data such as insulin use, carbohydrate intake and measuring blood levels in a simple and clear way;
  • Get an overview of the clinical picture of the patient and thereby increase self-reliance and self-care;
  • Grant access for parents and medical specialists to watch the measured values, trends and graphs entered by de patient;
  • Establish or adjust a treatment plan based on the stored health data;
  • Calculate the amount of carbohydrates via an easy-carb counter;
  • Support daily communication between parents and children with diabetes through the communication function;
  • Support the medical specialist and to guide the patient even better;
  • Rapidly introduce versions with new functions (through feedback from medical specialists, patients, parents or other stakeholders, such as patient organisations). Not having to wait for months for new and improved functionality, but instant updates with added value;
  • Offer an independent diabetes service which does not depend on the sale of own products but a service where the needs of the customer comes first.

mHealth 24/7 in the future can:

  • Connect medical devices, such as insulin pumps, where data automatically is collected, central stored so that data can be analysed;
  • Make predictions based on previously recorded data;
  • Record data from other diseases and connect medical devices;
  • Meet the requirements of the patient, parents and medical specialists.