If your child, parent or partner is diagnosed with diabetes, it can have a big impact on your life. mHealth 24/7 makes it possible to support diabetic patients by providing insight into their health situation. The service addresses the need for a parent, partner, caregiver or medical specialist, to assist diabetic patients by keeping an eye out on their health situation. The diabetes patient can authorize individuals by giving access to their health data. This way, you are remotely informed about the state of health of the patient.

The data entered by the diabetic patient, such as the counted carbohydrates, measured amounts of insulin and glucose, provide a clear overview. The mHealth service 24/7 sets clear reports and graphs with available health data. On the basis of the history data, the service makes it possible to easily locate trends, such as an excessively high or low blood value.

Because you can watch the entered data in real time, it is easy to support the patient. If it appears that the diabetes patient is not feeling well, it is possible to start a dialogue with the patient, based on facts from the reports. If necessary, an appointment can be made with medical specialists.