Medical specialists

The amount of HbA1c in the blood of diabetic patients, gives an impression of the average blood sugar levels over the past months, but how this first came to be, is not clear from these values.

When diabetics use the mHealth 24/7 service, they can fill in and register measured glucose levels, ingested carbohydrates and the amount of insulin used, into the app. Trends which otherwise go unnoticed are now detected by data analysis and shown to the patient, the caregivers and the medical specialists. These trends can be used as auxiliary information in the treatment plan of the patient.

By using mHealth 24/7, the patient is given better insight into his or her own behaviour, self-care and her self-reliance can be increased. The medical specialist can look at the charts and reports to assess the situation with diabetic patients, because the graphs and reports are made available through the service.