A good health is desirable. Because of new developments, technology could offer a helping hand in this. E-health is the use of digital applications to support or improve health and healthcare.

That is where mHealth 24/7 comes in. Our mission is to become a leading player in the development and standards of e-health. We also wish to contribute to proper monitoring in healthcare. Through the use of technology we wish to help you getting insight in your own health. That is why the user is central to the service. We offer you a service, which is easy to use and not bound to a time or place. This service contributes to the remote care and our goal there is to increase your independence.

Core values
The core values that are central to our service are honesty and transparency.


mHealth 24/7 is an independent patient-centered service. Our goal is to make the service work well and develop it further in co-operation with you. The revenue generated by the service will again be invested in the development of the service. That is the main issue, with no other intentions


Through the use of the service you will gain insight in your own health. It is our pursuit that you will have access to your own data 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can also choose to authorize others to have a look into your data. Of course you can always withdraw this authorization. Thereby we attach great importance to the privacy and security of your entered data. As you can read in privacy and cookies we work with an established protocol in which it is written how the data are handled.