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Protection of personal data and privacy

The entered personal data by patients will be saved and analysed through the service mHealth 24/7. Reports and trends will be presented based on these personal data. Diabetes patients, who use the application mHealth 24/7, have the opportunity to make those reports available to others, like parents and medical specialists.

mHealth 24/7 considers the careful handling of all personal data of great importance. The enactment of protection of personal data, is not only respected and lived up to, but mHealth 24/7 finds the opinions of their patients even more important. Especially when it concerns the saving and using of saved personal data. mHealth 24/7 follows a protocol in which it is written in what way data of diabetes patients could be made available. A special established foundation checks if mHealth 24/7 lives up to this composed protocol. That way it can be ensured that personal data can not arbitrarily be made available to any third parties.

There is an opportunity for organisations and companies to send an information request. This information request could contain a general research question to the central database. The protocol and the foundation decide whether to meet the request for information. In advance we state that the date of an individual (patient) will never be made available. Only the result of the research question will be offered to the (concerned) organisation. This way we guarantee that mHealth 24/7 will not provide any patient data to third parties.

mHealth 24/7 is aware of the fact that a database with patient data needs special protection. Therefore we let us inform and advise by parties that feature knowledge and expertise about safety and protection of personal data. The service mHealth 24/7 is supervised by the Deloitte ‘Hacking as a service’ service. This service of Deloitte checks on set times/periodically, the safety of the infrastructure of the mHealth 24/7 service. Moreover, the mHealth 24/7 service is also supervised by the Deloitte service continuous monitoring which means that 24 hours a day the mHealth 24/7 service will be checked for unauthorised access or use of the service. In this way mHealth 24/7 makes every effort to protect the patient data.

The whole service mHealth 24/7 is checked by an external accountant and therefore the transparency is ensured.


mHealth 24/7 does not save personal data of its visitors. In accordance with the law, only the visits are measured without linking it to persons (e.g. IP-addresses). Therefore mHealth 24/7 does note have a cookie notification on the website.