Progress of mHealth 24/7

At the moment the designs for the first version of the service mHealth 24/7 are ready. All choices concerning the first functions of the service are made and processed into a functional design.

KPN made a hardware environment available and ordered it to be ready fort he first version of the service mHealth 24/7. The service will run in the NL Care Cloud.

At the moment Deloitte is working on the precautions for the security of the service and together with them we are also working to guarantee the privacy of patient data.

Webwijs has been very busy with the technical organization of the website and as you can experience yourself, the company made a technically good website. Men and women of Webwijs showed that a deal is a deal which made the collaboration run smoothly.

Liesbeth de Boer has worked on writing the texts for the website and for that effort she deserves a great compliment, just like the designer who did an excellent job which has lead to the right colors and a beautiful result.

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